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High Speed Production Line Laser Marking

High Speed Fiber Laser Marking on Beer Can Line


On-The-Fly CO2 Laser Marking of Plastic Caps


With the continuous fabrication processes, you need to be able to mark parts without stopping the conveyor belt. With our On-The-Fly laser marking process, you have the ability to mark your products on the fly. The "Marking on the Fly" option synchronizes the movement of the parts with the movement of the laser beam, so that the laser marking produces an undistorted mark. The speed in the transport direction is continually measured with an encoder signal - so even with a change in conveyor speed or starts and stops, you can obtain consistent marking results.

30 Watt CO2 Laser Marker with Floor Stand

30 Watt CO2 Laser Marker with Floor Stand


Card Conveyor

Card Conveyor


CO2 Laser Horizontal Laser Beam

CO2 Laser Horizontal Laser Beam


CO2 Laser Marker and Conveyor





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