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Large CO2 Laser Marking-Cutting System

Large Laser Cutting Machine

FLS-80-16090 Laser System


  • Laser-type : Sealed CO2 laser tube  
  • Laser power: 80 Watts (optional 60, 120, or 150 Watts, ...capable of dual heads) 
  • Machine Power Source: 220 VAC 
  • Engraving area: 1600 x 900 mm (63.0 x 35.4 inches) 
  • Engraving speed: 0-60,000 mm/min 
  • Max cutting speed: 0-30,000 mm/min 
  • Laser output control: 1-100% software setting 
  • Location precision: less than 0.01 mm 
  • Highest scanning precision: 50-1000 DPI 
  • Operating temperature: 0-45 Celsius (32-113 Fahrenheit) 
  • Operating humidity: 5- 95% non-condensing 
  • Minimum shaping character: English 1.0 x 1.0 mm 
  • Graphic format supported: BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, and AI 
  • Driving system: bipolar stepper motors and drives 
  • Cooling mode: CW-5000 Freon based, Coolant Chiller system 
  • Auxiliary equipments : Exhaust-fans, air-exhaust pipe 
  • Controlling software : DSP control system via USB connection. 
  • Compatible Software : TAJIMA , CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop 
  • Slope Engraving: Tapered engraving can be programmed. 
  • Multi-Layer separation: YES. Layer separation by color attribute.   

Laser System Control Software

Laser Control Software 

Main features:


  • Seamless connection with CorelDraw and AutoCAD makes the operation much easier.  
  • Supports data formats such as AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST  
  • After graphic & image data being downloaded, the system can be used to carry out simple editing (such as zooming, rotating, reproducing and so on)
  • The software can hierarchically output data and easily set the output power, output speed and output mode (engrave, cut, and so on) and automatically save the defined parameters of every layer.  
  • The software can engrave the image, scribe, or cut and engrave the vector diagram with precision.  
  • The software supports array output and can automatically distribute the array to the entire worktable. The software can also display output effect through analog output. The origin location can be defined at random to facilitate processing.  
  • Pause and Continue are available during output and all output control operations can be directly connected to the operational control panel for easy operation.
  • The software provides a frame-tracing function during output so as to easily find the laser beam location.
  • Engraving speed can reach 1500mm/s, curve cutting speed can reach 500mm/s and engraving precision can resolve 0.1mm.
  • 360 degree slope engraving. The slope can be freely set and there is no limitation of speed (subject to the laser processing depth).  
  • High processing speed of large data files & graphics. Data of 15M or less can be processed almost instantaniously.  
  • Constant laser processing power during high-speed cutting ensures consistent processing depth.  
  • Optimized Cutting path. Customers are provided with various path optimization methods.   
  • Unique breakpoint processing function ensures that no rejected product will be produced even when power is suddenly cut.  
  • Advanced Synchronous Tracking Control Ensures that synchronous changes of the laser power and the speed of laser head while in motion.
  • Advanced PWM (Pulse-Width Modulated) Control Implement 360 degree slope engraving easily, increase the real-time capability in adjusting the laser power.  
  • No distortion in high speed cutting of circles.

Laser Gantry and Cutting Nozzle


Laser Gantry and Cutting Nozzle




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