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CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine 


2436 CO2 Laser Cutting-Engraving Machine




·         Equipped with a 60W CO2 laser tube w/ optional 100 or 150W upgrade

·         NEW! LaserWORKS v.8 premium laser software w/ direct output functionality from CorelDraw.

·         New! Features 4 material "Tru-Pass-Thru" points for greater material processing

·         NEW! Auto Focus function automatically regulates the start-up distance between the laser head and the material

·         NEW! Inline Beam Combiner precisely illuminates a red dot over the material for improved accuracy and alignment

·         NEW! U.S. optics from American Photonics.Our tests prove 14% beam transmission improvement vs. imported optics.

·         Illuminated LCD panel for automated laser head control.

·         Motorized Z-Table lowers Z-axis 7" for larger materials.

·         Optional Water Chiller w/pump (CW-3000 or 5000) keeps water flowing thru CO2 Tube at ambient temperature.

·         Includes Large 260 CFM exhaust fan w/ venting + Max air compressor for air assist at laser head.

·         Convenient vacuum table under the Z-table collects finished product into sliding tray.

·         Both Honey Comb and Knife Blade Platform included for securing maximum material capacity

·         CNC machined parts in stock for long term service and reliability

·         Upgraded ball bearing Y axis guide rails ensures smooth & precise laser head movement

·         Optional Rotary chuck or roller attachment for etching cylindrical objects

·         Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 (64 or 32 bit), XP operation systems

·         Dedicated USA technical support from qualified service technicians.

·         Localized on-site support available thru: Bell & Howell

·         We can serve you via. phone, email, or remote computer access!

·         Pick-up available at our Orlando, FL facility for $25.

·         1 Year Warranty covers parts replacement. See details

·         LTL shipping not included in price. Shipped with lift gate service and insurance.





Engraving Area

24 x 36in. or 600 x 900mm

Work Area

26 x 38in. + material pass thru's

Laser Power

60W to 150W options

Software Interface

LaserWORKS 8

Material Capability

Organics or non-metals + pre-treated metals

Machine Dimensions

50"Deep x 59"L x 48"H (not including tube extension)

Motor type

Nema Stepper

Material platform

Equipped with Honeycomb & Knife Blade cutting platforms

Z table

Motorized Z (7 in. adjustable)

Venting Attachments

Air exhaust fan with venting pipe

Net Weight

540 lbs.

Power Supply

Standard AC 110V (220V upon request)

OS Compatibility

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32 or 64 bit)

Software Interface

LaserWORKS V8 (includes image processing)


Up to 1000 dpi

Laser / PC Connectivity

USB connect

Job Memory Capacity

128mb via. USB flash drive

Crate Dimensions / Gross Weight

52" Deep X 72"W x 46"H


12 months (includes parts & CO2 glass tube)


Class 4 laser



   Knife Table


Knife Table


Honeycomb Table


Honeycomb Table



Optional Items


Rotary Fixture Roller Style

Rotary Fixture Roller Style



Rotary Fixture Small Chuck


Rotary Fixture Small Chuck



Water Chiller


Water Chiller







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