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Flat Bed Fiber Laser Cutter

Large Flatbed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine





Engraving Area

60 x 120" or 1,500mm x 3,000mm

Laser Power

500 Watt Fiber

Software Interface

Included w/ PC control tower

Material Capability

metals and some dark acrylics

Machine Dimensions

130"L x 90"W x 60"H

Motor type

Servo motors and ball screw drive

Z table

Laser head up/down 4"

Material platform

Blade cutting platform w/ pneumatic lift

Venting Attachments

Air exhaust fans with venting pipe

Net Weight

3,500 lbs.

Laser / PC Connectivity

USB connection

Job Memory Capacity

128mb via. USB flash drive

Power Supply

380V three phase

OS Compatibility

Windows PC /monitor included


600 dpi

Crate Dimensions / Gross Weight

144" Deep X 96"W x 65"H / 3950#


Class 4 laser



FLS 500 60120 INCLUDES 

     Applications primarily suited for cutting stainless, carbon, aluminum, titanium, and most non-ferrous metals.


·         Applications primarily suited for cutting stainless, carbon, aluminum, titanium, and most non-ferrous metals

·         Fiber laser power source 500 Watt

·         Fiber offers reduced maintenance requirements and operating costs compared to CO2

·         Working area of 60x120" (5x10') accepting full sheets of metal

·         Max cutting speed of 30m/min

·         Position accuracy <+/-0.04mm

·         Maximum kerf width 0.12mm (verifiable)

·         CW-6000 water cooled chiller

·         Pneumatic rollers for conveniently sliding sheet metal onto platform

·         Japanese servo motors & drivers

·         Drive system X-axis ball screw drive, Y-axis square rail with rack and pinion gear

·         Separate control cabinet with Remote control

·         Power Consumption of 7KW/hr <$5/hr

·         Working voltage: AC380V +/-10% 50Hz/60Hz 3 phase

·         Includes delivery and a full day of an engineer onsite install and training

·         Dedicated USA technical support. We do not charge for ongoing support!

·         We can serve you via. Phone, email, or remote computer access!

·         1 year Warranty covers laser machine parts.

·         Delivery and installation included within the lower 48 states


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