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Fiber Laser Marking Work Station

Fiber Laser Marker Workstation




Fiber Laser Marking Work Station Laser System FLS-10F


Brief Introduction:


Floor Mounted and castor movable, Maintenance-free, Small in size and Better Performance! This is a rugged and dependable Laser System with a High-speed USB communication interface to make it’s operation easier.


Equipment Features:


1. Integrated design of the whole system, equipped with an easy to use focus system.


2. Adopts best fiber lasers while making use of the original back reflection isolators to protect fiber laser window,which enhances stability and laser life.


3. Beam quality is much better than traditional solid state laser marking machines. The Fiber Laser module has a TEM00 output with a laser beam diameter at the focal point of less than 20um. Divergence angle is 1/4 of the lamp pumped Nd:YAG lasers. This system is particularly applicable to fine, precision marking.


4. The galvanometer scanning system is specifically designed to provide for the high speed precision marking of production components


5. Long lifetime and small size allow this laser system to work in confined areas.


6. Processing speed is 3 or 5 times faster than traditional marking systems.


Application Materials:


Any metal (including precious metals), engineered plastics, plated and coated materials, sprayed material, plastic, rubber, epoxy resin, ceramic, and many other materials.


Applicable Industries and Products:


Jewelery , phone keypad keys, translucent plastic keys, electronic components, integrated circuits(IC), electrical appliances, communication products, sanitary ware, tools, accessories, knives, glasses, clocks and watches, automobile accessories, bags decorated bag clasps, cookers, stainless steel products and many other.


Technical Specifications:


Laser power                                     20 W

Laser wavelengths:                             1064 nm

Beam quality:                                     m2<2

Laser repetition rate:                           20 KHz-80 KHz

Marking speed:                                   ≤ 8000mm / s

Working area:                                     100mm×100mm

Minimum characters:                           0.15 mm

Min line width:                                     0.01mm

Repeatability:                                      ± 0.002mm

Power consumption:                           ≤500 W

Power supply:                                      110V/60Hz  10A

Cooling:                                              air-cooled

Laser Life:                                           100,000 hours

Dimension:                                          620×590×1310mm

Packing Size :                                     1.22X0.84X1.4m  

MEAS:                                               1.08 CBM 

N.W.:                                                90kg    

G.W.:                                                120kg 







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