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Desk Type Fiber Laser Marker

This laser marking system consists of a 20-watt pulsed fiber laser; high speed servo controlled galvanometer XY beam steering head, F-theta flat field focusing lens, manual Z-axis focusing system, computer control, flat panel display, rugged desk type work platform, power supplies and associated controls.


The Laser Work Station is a Class IV System for ease of loading a variety of parts. 


Fiber Laser Workstation with Work Enclosure 




The laser is a 20 watt fiber laser that is able to mark with a working area of 100 mm x 100 mm (4" x 4"). It utilizes a high speed galvanometer scan head and high quality f-theta focusing optics for laser beam delivery to the object to be marked. The fiber laser can mark on a variety of metals and plastics. The advanced control system acts like a printer driver and works on any Windows platform, marking directly from third party design software including Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, AutoCAD, and more. 




1.     Fiber laser source.

2.     High Speed Galvanometer Scanner.

3.     100*100 mm working area. (larger sizes available)

4.     USB style computer interface

5.     20w-50 watt laser power

6.     Red light focusing

7.     Air cooling

8.     Manual up & down Scan Head

9.     Foot-switch equipped

10.  Control card

11.  Software

12.  User manual


Other Features


Select image types to engrave. Your choice of color, grayscale, or monochrome bitmap

Improve image engraving by choosing settings including pattern dithering, and more.

Advanced users can select margin length for rastering to optimize job processing times!





Fiber Laser Specifications 


·         Up to 1mJ Energy Per Pulse

·         Q-Switched Fiber Laser With Pulse Energy - 80 to 100ns Pulse Duration

·         Excellent Beam Quality (M2 < 1.05)

·         20 to 80 kHz Repetition Rate

·         1064 -1080 nm Center Wavelength

·         Fiber Delivery - Fiber Outputs With Integrated Beam Expander and optical isolator

·         Up to 30% Wall-Plug Efficiency

·         Maintenance Free Operation - 100,000 Hours MTBF

·         Compact Rugged Air-Cooled Package

·         Sealed Optical Path to Beam Expander

·         No alignment required

·         110-220 Volt operation



Laser draws only 400 watts. Fiber Laser Systems’ laser / scanning control software offers a robust and flexible solution to make your laser marking project a success. The control software is a fully featured, professional Windows based software package for laser marking, coding, perforating, and many other laser scanning applications. When combined with the 2 axis scan head and a laser, the laser processing possibilities are endless.


The software allows graphics job editing that enables you to assemble images, text, and barcodes and quickly arrange them into marking jobs. With a simple point and click, you can graphically edit marking objects, precisely control laser parameters, and build automation scripts within a single interface. You will be able to define and run jobs within a few minutes. This high performance, laser scanning control solution is designed specifically to run on Windows.





2 Axis Scan Head

The Scan Head offers higher performance in a small package. The Scan Head is the smallest and fastest 10 mm head in the industry. The scan head is designed to ease design-in and manufacturing issues by reducing the need for specialized tooling and highly skilled assemblers and features the following:

·         10mm Beam Apertures

·         Smallest, Fastest 10mm Scan Head in the Industry

·         Rugged, Sealed, Plug and Play Module

·         XY2-100 Digital or Analog Interfaces

·         Industry Standard 2 Bolt, 2 Pin Alignment

·         Windows XP / Vista Based Software Support

Packaged in a class IV enclosure, the scan head can operate in harsh industrial environments.  The scan heads are run through a battery of tests and must pass an extensive burn-in process.

Scan Heads feature the fastest and most accurate galvanometers with exclusive rotor technology for superior performance. Scan heads also feature high quality ball bearings for long life operation.

The laser scanning head operates on the basis of the following schematic:

The scanning head accepts the parallel laser beam (approximately 10 mm in diameter) that exits the beam expander that is an integral part of the fiber laser. The beam first strikes the X-axis scanner mirror and then the Y-axis scanner mirror and is subsequently projected into the F-theta focusing lens.

The F-theta focusing lens then projects the laser beam to a focused spot on a flat plane that is the size of that lens’s scanning field. In this manner the computer servo controlled scan head dynamically vector projects the graphic image onto the work surface in that focal plane to mark or engrave the part placed in that field. The scanning mirrors are very light weight and low in inertia, and can move at very high speeds to laser mark parts at exceptional production rates.

The computer control can turn the laser beam on and off, vary the power and pulse frequency, and perform the appropriate number of passes required to produce the highest quality mark, and all relative to the position of the scanner mirrors at any given time.






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